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Become an Intelligent Enterprise with SAP S/4HANA & CastaLife

Our solution of Life Sciences on SAP S/4HANA will help your business in quickly implementing and adopting Pharma-specific business processes and Analytics

Supports below Lines of Business in Pharmaceutical Research, Manufacturing & Distribution:

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    to talk to our Solution Expert and know more

    Solution Features

    What does this solution offer you?

    Preconfigured processes for several LOBs – CRAMS, CDMO and manufacturing of FDF, API and Intermediates, Pharma Distribution

    Supports regulatory requirements – EU GMP, US FDA, WHO GMP etc

    Supports regulatory requirements – EU GMP, US FDA, WHO GMP etc

    Connects your Customers & Vendors seamlessly to your Business Processes

    Enables you to Predict, Plan and monitor your revenues, expenses and cashflows

    Solution Coverage

    Functional Scope of our Offering

    Whether you are manufacturing Finished Drug Formulations of various product forms, Biologicals or APIs, doing Contract Research or developing your own products, our solutions supports the complete lifecycle of these processes.

    Organizations who can use our solution

    Contract Development & Mfg. Organizations

    AI/API Manufactures

    Contract Research Organization

    Formulation Development Organization

    Lines of Business Supported

    Analytical Services

    Commercial Production

    Contract development and manufacture lifecycle

    Contract Research and manufacture lifecycle

    Contract Research

    New product development lifecycle

    Pharma Sales and Distribution

    Product Lines

    Generic Drugs, Biologicals & Biosimilars, Bulk Drugs, APIs and Intermediates, Formulations, Excipients, Herbal Extracts, Veterinary Products

    Formulation Types

    Oral Drugs, Parenteral Formulation, Topical Medicines, Modified release Formulation, Novel Drug Formulations, Oncological Formulations

    Finished Dosage Forms

    Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Thin Films, Liquid solution, Powder, Pastes, Dry-powder Inhaler, Ointment, Gels etc.

    Manufacturing Strategies

    Process Manufacturing, Outsourced Manufacturing(Outbound)

    Manufacturing Scenarios

    Make to Stock, Make to Order

    Solution Components

    Building Blocks of our offering

    Our Solution comes with a Process Catalog with 100s of processes already pre-configured on S/4HANA for Pharma LOBs.

    You can pick and chose relevant processes and get off the block quickly during the project implementation.

    You can also select from our Add-on Solutions specific to Pharma industry like Label Generation & Printing using Hand Held Devices, LIMS connector, Pre-defined Workflow Scenarios etc.

    Why CastaLife?

    How does this offering benefit your organization?

    CastaLife is designed by industry experts and SAP experts of more than 20+ years’ experience and is being used across various Pharma manufacturing organizations.

    Customer Speak

    What our customers say

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to questions our customers frequently ask us

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