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Greenfield Implementation

Implement SAP S/4HANA from ground up as a new installation

New Implementation

Implement SAP S/4HANA from ground up, even if you are currently using an SAP ERP

System Conversion

Technically convert your existing SAP ECC system to SAP S/4HANA

Landscape Transformation

Copy legacy SAP system, drop data and convert to S/4HANA

Opt for Greenfield Approach ...

…. if you are implementing SAP applications for the first time or if your business has transformed a lot since you last implemented SAP and you need to reconfigure your business processes from scratch

Involves below major activities

Analyze, Design & Configure Business Processes in SAP applications from scratch

Develop Reports, Dashboards & Implement Analytics

Migrate Master data & Open Items from your legacy applications

Integrate applications, where required

Test all configured processes, analytics, data migration tools, Interfaces etc.

Train all users in using the SAP applications


SAP Applications we implement in Greenfield Projects

Planning to implement an ERP, CRM, HR or an Analytics Solution ?

SAP is the right choice for your business.

Analytics Cloud
Digital Compliance

Business Value

How your business benefits from implementing SAP applications

Plan & monitor your business real-time

Collaborative Planning across sales, production, finance & procurement functions

Analyze & Control your business costs

Visibility of costs across the organization and features to control them

Sell anywhere, anytime and to anyone easily

Sale of Goods & Services, wide range of Scenarios, Channels, Pricing, Discounts, Taxes etc.

Optimize your goods and service buying

Centralized & Decentralized buying, Vendor evaluation & selection

Manage complex manufacturing scenarios

Material Requirement Planning, ATO, MTO, ATS, MTS, ETO, Integration with MES

Set high benchmarks of your product quality

Integrated inbound and outbound quality management processes

Keep your employees efficient and productive

Employee Lifecycle , Payroll, Recruitment, Compliance, Benefits and self-service

Increase uptime & efficiency of your machines

Preventive & Breakdown Maintenance features; Maintenance order processing

Plan, execute and monitor your projects

Project-related procurements, funds, payments, stocks and people

Compliance, Legal & Statutory Reporting

Tax reporting (GST), financial reporting based on IFRS, USGAAP etc.

Workflow & Internal Controls

Purchase Release processes, Credit Management, Payment amount authorization etc.

Real-time Advanced Analytics

Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics related to your business

Our Implementation Methodology

How we implement SAP Applications for your business

Our Offering

How we can help you in implementing SAP S/4HANA from ground up

Plan & Implement SAP applications required to transform your business and run it efficiently

Design the Application Landscape required for your business (including both SAP & third-party applications)

Help you in estimating the number of users and application software licenses

Assist you in acquiring SAP Application licenses

Size your IT Infrastructure required for running the SAP applications

Setup your SAP Application Landscape (Sandbox, Development, Quality, Production)

Plan & Manage your SAP Implementation Project

Analyze, Design & Configure your Business Processes in SAP applications

Integrate SAP & third-party applications, where required

Develop Reports, Dashboards & Implement Analytics

Test all applications (processes, data migration, analytics, integration)

Train all users in managing their functions and running their business transactions on SAP applications

Enable Mobile Access, where required & possible

Connect with our SAP S/4HANA expert to discuss migration approaches to S/4HANA and plan your move to S/4HANA from legacy SAP ERP.