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Perform material handling activities in Warehouses, quickly, accurately, and safely, with Handheld terminals on SAP WM

Warehouses usually handle huge volumes of wide categories and types of material.

Warehouses usually handle huge volumes of wide categories and types of material.

You may divide the Warehouse into different sections for activities like Putaway, Packing, Picking etc.

You may store your material in bins, totes or containers which are stacked on racks across various aisles of your warehouse

In some industries like Chemical or Pharmaceuticals, Raw Material or Finished goods should be stored in controlled conditions like specific temperature ranges, humidity etc.

You may use co-ordinates to identify a bin, say, aisle#, stack#, level#

Handing material in such an environment is not a easy job, unless you have good warehouse management processes and supporting technology.

Safety of your personnel, the environment and the material take a higher priority, though efficiency and cost are also important factors.

You need a solution that helps your warehouse personnel perform their material handling tasks accurately, quickly and safely.

Our HHT Solution with SAP Warehouse Management enables your WM users to perform various material handling activities easily, quickly, accurately and safely. Important activities supported by our solution are listed below.

Accurately Label the bins, totes / pallets and containers used in your warehouse for easy identification

Generate Labels with QR Codes for material received and issued

Scan Labels to initiate or confirm material movements or to know the status or material or bins

Perform all material handling activities like Picking, Packing, Issue, Receipt or Transfer in SAP WM using Labelling and Scanning App

Putaway material quickly, safely and accurately

Receive material quickly and accurately - whether internally (from Production or Process Order) or externally (Purchase Orders, Returns etc.)

Pick material accurately and quickly for Sales Orders, Production Orders etc.

Pick and Putaway for Projects/Reservations/Cost Centers/any other special stock types

Perform Physical Inventory accurately and quickly

Perform Bin to Bin transfers on the go

Online approvals from API and specialty chemical dispensing while issuing to production

Query and view Bin Status, batch status, sampling status from HHT

HHT Solution

WM Processes supported by our HHT Solution

Solution Components

Core Warehouse Management Processes

QRC Generator

Labelling app

Scanning app

QR Queries app

QRC Generator

A QR code generation tool on SAP to generate QR codes for materials, bins, totes and containers in your warehouse, to uniquely identify them using Handheld Terminals

Labelling app

Design, generate, print and stick the labels to uniquely identify bins, totes, containers and materials

Scanning app

Scan the QR code on the label of the packaging of the material and all material information is included in the material transaction on SAP.

QR Queries app

Scan a QR code on any label in your warehouse – whether on packaging of an item, bin, tote or container and get all related details on your HHT.


WM Processes supported by our HHT Solution

Putaway Processes

Putaway Raw Material & Packing Material from Vendors

Putaway Finished Products from Production or Process Orders

Putaway Sales Returns from Customers

Putaway Sub-contract receipts from your vendors

Putaway Other items like Consumables, Spares etc.

Picking Processes

Pick Item samples for Inspection

Pick finished products for Delivery

Pick items for Reservation (for Production)

Pick items for Production (Production Order or Process Order)

Pick items to issue to Cost Centers

Pick items for reprocessing

Pick items for Sampling


Physical Inventory in Warehouses

Bin to Bin Transfers

Posting Changes (in Batch Number, Stock Category or Material number)

Blocking expired material from use

Integration with weighing scales

Solution Capabilities

Capabilities that enhance your WM user experience

Our solution enhances the native SAP Warehouse Management capabilities by providing various features and functions that improves the efficiency of your SAP WM users


Supports various WM processes such as Putaway, Picking, Packing, Physical Inventory, Transfers etc.

Generate Barcode or QR Code Labels for Bins and Items

Automatic proposal of bin numbers for materials during goods receipt

All labels are linked to documents in your SAP ERP

Supports various types of labels for different scenarios

Can be used with handheld devices that can run SAP Fiori apps or as simulated SAPGUI

Intuitive and Responsive User Interface

Automatic Bin search and Storage Type search

Supports storage unit management


Quick receipt and Putaway of material in the assigned area of warehouse

Identify and retrieve material quickly

Get information about Material, Bin or Containers just by scanning the QR code on their label

All your bins and items are labelled accurately, eliminating or reducing manual errors

Faster & accurate Physical Inventory in your Warehouses

Connect with our Warehouse Management experts to know more details about implementing SAP Warehouse Management with Handheld Terminals.