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Continuous Improvements &

Extend the scope of your SAP applications across all your businesses, functions & business partners

As your business is continuously evolving, it is very important for your IT landscape to adapt quickly to changes in your business environment. You may acquire businesses, launch new product lines, change your business model or a add a new one, introduce a new manufacturing strategy. Such scenarios need to be quickly integrated into your IT landscape.

SAP applications and specifically SAP ERP, form the cog-wheel of your Enterprise IT landscape. Hence, you should ensure that your SAP applications adapt quickly and accurately to the everchanging needs of your business. With our experience in implementing and managing SAP applications for your customers, we have identified below various Continuous Improvements & Enhancement scenarios which may be applicable to your business.

New Business

You may have recently acquired a business or merged with a business and you may want to extend your SAP ERP (whether ECC or S/4HANA) to the new or merged entities.

Our SAP experts with knowledge & experience in implementing Mergers & Acquisitions projects can help you integrate your new businesses and entities into your existing SAP ERP system.

New Entities

You may have recently started a new Manufacturing Location, Sales Location or Warehouses and want to map the related processes on your SAP ERP application.

Our SAP experts can help you in creating a project, recording and monitoring the project related activities and costs and implement the processes related to the entity.

New Applications

You are already using a SAP ECC or S/4HANA ERP application and you may want to implement another SAP application like Analytics Cloud or Hybris.

Our SAP experts can help you in designing the Solution, Application Landscape, processes related to the new SAP application and integrating with your current SAP ERP application.

New Business Models

Business Model innovation is key to your business success and you have to constantly explore new ways of generating revenue.

As you keep finding new ways to reach your market and sell more, our SAP experts can help you implement them in your SAP ECC or S/4HANA application.

New Manufacturing Scenarios

Market conditions influence your manufacturing strategy to a great extent. You may have been producing using Make-to-Stock scenarios until now and due to changes in buying behavior of your customers, now you plan to move to Make-to-Order or adopt both strategies.

If you are in discrete manufacturing industry, then you may want to implement Assemble to Order or Assemble to Stock or even Engineer to Order. To achieve this and promise realizing ATP dates to your customers, you need to plan your procurement, logistics, sales for Just-in-time scenarios.

Our Manufacturing & Supply Chain experts can help you implement these manufacturing scenarios along with integrated supply chain planning involving your staff and business partners.

New Functions

When you implement SAP for the first time, you usually implement some business critical functions first. As you start using SAP, you realize the business benefits and start planning to use more functions and features in SAP.

Say, you have implemented Financials, Sales, Sourcing & Procurement and Supply Chain in SAP ERP initially and now you plan to implement Manufacturing and Human Resources.

Our SAP experts can help you implementing such new functions and integrate with existing functions already implemented in SAP ERP.

New Product Lines

You may launch new products or new product lines once in a while.

Our SAP experts can help you implement related processes for Procurement, Production, Material Requirement Planning, Quality, Accounting, Costing and Sales functions.

New Integration Scenarios

You may have recently implemented new SAP or third-party applications and intend to integrate with your existing SAP Application(s) in your IT application landscape.

Our Integration experts with knowledge & experience in complex integration scenarios can help you integrate the new applications with your existing SAP ERP application.

New Compliance Scenarios

Once in while, governments introduce changes in Tax Structure related to manufacturing, buying and selling of goods or services. All businesses have to implement these changes in their ERP applications immediately to enable transactions with new tax structure and related reporting.

Our SAP Compliance experts with knowledge & experience in implementing complex Tax Structure and Reporting scenarios can help you immediately adapt to these changes in your SAP ECC or S/4HANA application.

New Reporting Requirements

As your business grows and expands across geographies and as you start collaborating with large businesses, your financial reporting requirements may also continuously evolve.

Whether it is to implement a financial reporting structure based on a new Accounting standard or change existing reporting structure, our Reporting specialists will help you in designing and implementing them either in in SAP S/4HANA or in SAP Analytics Cloud.

New Automation Scenarios

There are several opportunities to automate several processes & activities across functions like Stores, Warehouse, Manufacturing etc. You can integrate SAP ECC or S/4HANA with various devices like POS machines, RFID Scanners & Readers, Equipment used in Production, Quality and Plant Maintenance functions.

Our Automation experts can help you in designing and implementing Automation solutions in SAP ECC or S/4HANA environment using SAP applications like NetWeaver PI/PO

Mobility Scenarios

As access to mobility devices is increasing exponentially, you may want your employees to access important SAP S/4HANA transactions on mobiles and tablets.

Our SAP Mobility experts can help you in implementing SAP Fiori and enable important business transactions and analytics on Smartphones.

Our Offering

How we can help you in enhancing the functions, features & scope of your SAP Application Landscape

Plan, implement & monitor your enhancement projects identifying impact on business, users & IT System Landscape

Review the Application Landscape and propose the changes required for your Enhancement projects

Help you in estimating the number of users and application software licenses required for the enhancement projects

Assist you in acquiring SAP Application licenses

Review & resize your IT infrastructure for additional requirements arising out of enhancements

Setup your Development & Quality systems for enhancement projects

Plan & Manage your SAP Implementation Project

Analyze, Design & Configure your Business Processes related to the Enhancement projects

Integrate SAP & third-party applications, where required

Develop Reports, Dashboards & Implement Analytics

Test all applications (processes, data migration, analytics, integration)

Train all users in managing their functions and running their business transactions on SAP applications

Enable Mobile Access, where required & possible

Connect with our SAP S/4HANA expert to discuss your Continuous Improvement & Enhancement Projects